Ways To Protect Yourself And Your Property

We are all hard-working people.  When we get our paycheck and purchase something, we want to have some type of assurance that it is protected and will be replaced.  The best way to do this is to have some type of insurance policy placed on your belongings.  With this insurance if anything happens you should feel confident in making a property insurance claim accounting casselberry fl and have your items easily replaced.

Catalog everything

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To begin with you first want to catalog everything.  When we have a catalog of our items, we have some type of proof and documentation that we can use to show our insurance company.  When documenting our items, we want to do a few things.

Take photos

Take photos of everything.  You want to have photos of the front, back, sides and everywhere in-between.  When we have a photo of our items adjusters and other will have a visual reference to compare to when making a claim.

Serial numbers

Every item should have some type of serial number or other documenting numbers associated with it.  These numbers are either etched into the item, are printed on a sticker or otherwise imprinted on the item.  When you record these numbers, they will be unique to each item manufactured.  If the number is not there you will want to locate some other type of identifying marks that can be recorded.

Store your info in a secure location

Once you have all of your information collected you will want to store your info in a secure location.  One option is to have a fireproof safe that you keep off site or locked into a special area that no one knows about.  If something were to happen and you lost this information, then it will be very difficult to make and receive a claim.